Radio Broadcast Library
Radio Broadcast Library

How the Radio Ministry began

I was running through the dark forest, with dogs and armed men in hot pursuit. Suddenly the telephone in my jacket started ringing. I didn't know it then, but God was calling me to a new ministry.

Shortly after the military-style raid in January 1997, my wife, Rachel, had a vision that we would start a weekly tape ministry. "I know God wants us to do it," she pleaded.

I was reluctant at first. We already had five computer stations in the converted school bus we now use for an office. Where would we put a recording studio? How would we find the time? Not only did Rachel keep bringing up the topic of a tape ministry, but people were writing us saying, "I've already listened to all the tapes you have. Please make some more."

Then one dark, rainy night in December, an event happened that turned the vision into reality. I was running for my life, with dogs and armed men hot on my trail. Up in the sky were lights that were apparently tracking my position.

I had just hiked up Blacktail mountain, then headed down the back side. I was miserably cold. I came to a stream and there was nothing to do but quickly ford the icy waters. I had been climbing hills and tramping through the forest for what seemed like hours. My legs were wet and heavy with caked mud. I was frantically trying to find a way out of the tangle of blackberry bushes that formed a hedge along one side of the field. There seemed to be no way of escape. Closing in behind me were men who could throw me in the lockup.

As the lights of my pursuers came closer, I fell down. I was minutes away from being captured. My legs started cramping up. I could barely move, but I must.

"RING! RING!" RING. RING. "Good grief," I mumbled. "Now they'll be able to pinpoint me for sure." I quickly pulled the wireless phone out of my jacket and wondered who would be calling at this dark hour. I had forgotten that I had turned on the phone to call my family and let them know I was about to be captured. Breathlessly I answered, "Embassy of Heaven. May I help you?"

It was Rod from Truth Radio Network on the line. "Is Pastor Revere there?"

"I'm sorry he's not available right now. Try calling back in an hour," I panted.

There was no way I could have an intelligent conversation right now so I didn't admit who I was. Rod said he was calling to see if the Embassy of Heaven would like to do a weekly radio broadcast. Later he called back to discuss the details, but that call was the beginning.

I finally found a break in the blackberry bushes and was able to flee to safety. I can't help laughing at God's humorous timing. In my mind, I thought I was surely going down. It looked as though I would soon be captured and forcibly taken to where I did not want to go. Instead, God let me pass through the midst of my pursuers and gave me a new calling.

A few weeks later, we began weekly broadcasts over satellite, internet and FM stations. These are the links to the programs which aired. Rachel is elated that the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is being sent out to the world.

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