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T9830D What Will We Do In K.O.H.?

What Will We Do In K.O.H.? No manmade government, or manmade law, can replace Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. If we live in the Kingdom of Heaven and believe on Jesus Christ - what more do we need! If we live by the eternal code of Jesus Christ, we won't need to make laws. We won't need the attorneys. We won't need the judges. We won't need the legislatures.

No one needs to petition Jesus for better laws. They have already been given.

God wants all mankind to have the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants us brought under a beautiful government and a beautiful King. That should be denied to nobody. But for those who refuse to believe God, He says, "Okay, you don't want my Son, then I'm going to hand you over to the perverts." And that is what He has done.

Let's enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Let's give the wicked nothing to do with us. The Kingdom is at hand.