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T9831 Which Road Will You Travel?

hich Road Will You Travel?When crossroads come, there is a temptation to leave the path God put us on in the beginning. There is a tendency to seek out men instead of God. Men convince us to go down the road that saves our home or saves our children. We choose the wrong path, rather than lose the things we love.

The devil is pretty well assured which way we are going to go, because he is betting that we are going to save our life. But if we lose our life for His [Jesus] name's sake we shall save our life eternally. But if we try to save our life, God is not there to save us.

Are we going to go the easy road, the wide one, the directions that are pleasing to the flesh? Or when these crossroads come up, are we going to take the hard one, the narrow one, the one least traveled?

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