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T9835C Justice Gets Judged

Justice Gets Judged The website for the Merced County Courthouse in California says, "The statutes on the (courthouse) roof represent 'Justica,' an ancient Roman goddess of justice. Overlooking the other statues is Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. The blindfolded classic figure of Justice illustrates impartiality. The sword represents the strict administration of justice as fairly determined by the scale."

If we examine the courts of justice, they have their set of rituals. They have their black-robed priests and elite attorneys who are supposed to be carrying out the orders of the goddess of justice.

Think of a court just like you would a Christian church, except this one is run by Satan. It has its "pews" just like a church hall. Those courts are Satan's synagogue and that black robed priest is sitting there doing Satan's bidding. People bring their petitions before it and pray for relief to this goddess of justice.

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