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T9835B Seals, Symbols & Idols

On the official seal of the State of California is the goddess Minerva. What is this seal all about? Why is Minerva sealing State documents? Is the State of California an expression of Christianity, or are they deriving powers from other sources?

Is Minerva an idol? A false god? How many people fear the State of California instead of the living God? Many of the people who seal documents under the name and authority of the State of California, profess to be Christians. But when we read the scripture, it says that we are to do all in the name of Jesus Christ.

The spirit of California can be made manifest through a symbol such as a seal, or by uniforms, or by buildings. It is obvious that California has chosen not to manifest the spirit of Christ through any of its seals, uniforms, or buildings. And it is not only California, but everywhere you go. Where is Jesus in all of this?

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