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T9835E/T9836 Image of Man

Image of Man You cannot go up and hug the State of Oregon. You cannot say, "Hi, Mr. Oregon! How are you doing." It does not exist. It only exists out of belief, it is strictly an image created by man. Have you ever met "Mr. Oregon"? Have you ever met "Mr. Oklahoma?" Man creates images, and uses these images to control the things God has made.

Flesh and blood men and woman put on "images" such as "legislator", "judge" and "policeman." These are "upper class" images that do not pick up anything with their little finger. But the other "lower class" images are weighted down by their heavy burdens.

For instance the office, or image of "defendant," almost always loses and takes on a new image, the image of "inmate." God made man in His own image, but these lesser images created by man are neither created nor controlled by God.

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